New Map 3500 size 4000 seed


Been slow with the update post lately but there is a new update and with it a fresh wipe and 2x  experience. enjoy!


Work on the caves are preceeding and will probably be released on next big update.

  • Three small caves from easy to difficult
    Small caves will all have a single entrance/exit. The complexity of the network is memorable. Puzzles are easy and non-deadly (unless you’re really pushing for it). One to two build rooms.
  • Three medium caves from easy to difficult
    Medium caves will have on average two points of entry, some three. Network complexity is harder to memorise. The more difficult layout includes one deadly trap. Puzzles are a notch more difficult. Two to four build rooms.
  • Three large caves from average to difficult
    Large caves will have as many as five points of entry or exit. Some of them will be natural caves, some will be old mining tunnels. Network complexity is a step above all the other caves, a lot of players might live in those caves and not meet all that often. Puzzles are deadlier and longer. Up to eight build rooms.


Happy playing

/the Captain

Mapwipe today!

Happy wipe day! We start fresh with a new map but you will keep the XP you have. The map is going to be a seed 4000 size 4000. So a bit bigger than it was but with added monuments like the airfield and such.

On this thursday there will be an event all day that allows you to write in chat !boom and !ammo and that wll give you 5 rocket launchers and 50 rockets to play with so go nuts!

The wipe will most likely be 22:00 – 23:00 tonight, could be earlier could be later, depends on how fast facepunch is. I will log onto the game about 21:30 and hand out signal flares for you to play with. (when i do this, there will be so many flares around that the smoke graphics will bug out and not show the smoke all the time, this is normal and there will come a drop anyways)

Have fun everyone!

Captain out

IO maplink



Raided :O

It is a sad day!

The bearded one & Co has been raided. The notorious Berg & Co came and showed the team Skägg how it is done and who is top dog on New Sweden.


We will have vengeance, this wipe or the next!

It is fun to see that players are gathering together and i will look forward to the battles that lies ahead.

Over and out,

Kapten Skägg

New Seed with update tonight

forest_updateHello everyone!

Later today there will be an forced update wipe that brings the new improved graphics update!

read here at Rustafied were they have breakdown of all that is coming.

We will also change seed from 4000 to 2000 and change map size to 2500 from 4000.


This will make it more fun for our small server and hopefully for more action.

The server update will be later tonight depending on when facepunch rolls out the patch. but it is usually between 20:00 to 23:00.

I will be online after 20:30 on steam for you all to ask me questions and fix problems if we run into any.

have fun!

Kapten Skägg

PS: i will start building next to dome, if you want to join me in the build you are welcome. It would also be fun to have other bases next to mine so feel free to make a base close by if you like. DS