Mapwipe today!

Happy wipe day! We start fresh with a new map but you will keep the XP you have. The map is going to be a seed 4000 size 4000. So a bit bigger than it was but with added monuments like the airfield and such.

On this thursday there will be an event all day that allows you to write in chat !boom and !ammo and that wll give you 5 rocket launchers and 50 rockets to play with so go nuts!

The wipe will most likely be 22:00 – 23:00 tonight, could be earlier could be later, depends on how fast facepunch is. I will log onto the game about 21:30 and hand out signal flares for you to play with. (when i do this, there will be so many flares around that the smoke graphics will bug out and not show the smoke all the time, this is normal and there will come a drop anyways)

Have fun everyone!

Captain out

IO maplink




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