Still wipe. But no XP wipe yay!

Garry made server owners able to get backup files to work with the update which made it possible to roll back the level wipe after updated.

So rejoice, you will not loose your level. The map will still wipe and your stuff will disappear. 

Good luck!

Wipe! Thursday 14 July (Update no XP wipe)


The server is going to do a MAP WIPE ONLY tomorrow thursday the 14:th. This is due to a patch and fix from facepunch. This means that all servers will wipe tomorrow.

This is what Helk and Maurino said on reddit earlier today:


Okay lets get it out of the way, we’re wiping Thursday.

I’d like to extend my sincere apologies and talk a bit about why.

So as many people pointed out here, there were some problems with ownership. Unfortunately this was mostly due to a bug which was granting everyone involved with ownership 100% of the xp share even if they only owned 0.001%. I can see why this lead people to believe that ownership in and of itself was flawed, and perhaps in some regards it was. I also underestimated the power of grouping and the gains from resource sharing which was my bad.

With that said, The bug has been fixed and I’ve taken some steps that should hopefully balance it out so large groups cannot take advantage of ownership and level up to 100 in several hours.

  1. Max XP you can earn from any one player is limited to 6xp.
  2. No more xp gained from the usage of resources – instead its from the first few times crafting an item
  3. XP diminishing is in effect. This means the more someone harvests for you the less xp you get
  4. Radial XP falloff (working on it ) this means that you will not earn xp for player actions farther than n units from your current position, hopefully meaning you’ll have to mentor people or be around them rather than AFK in your base.

I’m hoping these changes mitigate the xp gain insanity and provide more of a reason to actually help new people rather than just your friends.

Yeah yeah you told me so and I was a little too dismissive but I had no idea it would be this over the top and was operating with the assumption that the system was working as intended. My apologies to everyone!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I’m asking everyone who can to opt in to the staging branch and test the shit out of the updates and provide feedback here, I’ll be on london – staging and I’d like to get it rock solid before thursday so we never have a problem like this again. Thanks everyone!

Well happy day 1 tomorrow then! and good luck.


Hello players

It seems like the update pushed from face punch has rolled back our character progression and levels 1 day. It seems like the items and buildings are intact.

Good news is that the problem with the server sql database is fixed and we can activate the helicopter patrols again!

As always, don’t shave and grow a beard and try to be nice to newbies.


Problem with server FPS

Hello fellow players. I have a problem with lag at the moment. It seems that a new patch has been released by facepunch and that patch will be patched tomorrow 09:00ish when most of you are sleeping.

Another problem with the server is an error with the database containing all your stats. This brings down the server to about 20 fps instead of normal 250 fps. I can fix this, but it will cause a wipe of the map and character progress.

will not do this until next wipe cycle. 4 august

I have disabled the helicopter patrol until this wipe, because it makes the server lag until unplayable.

I have got reports of bases being constructed ”Rocket resist” this is not true. There is no such thing as ”rocket resist”. But it is crazy strong and it can withstand up to 35 rockets direct hit. But if you take out the base it will fall like any other building.


I hope this clears things up.

Welcome to New Sweden!

This server is the pet project of Kapten Skägg. Who is Kapten Skägg?


I the Kapten is the only admin on the server. I love rust and i love to run this server and i can be seen roaming the map. The Kapten can not be killed unless he is sleeping. The Kapten will usually not kill you, but if you annoy him he will kill you.

The Kapten has only 2 rules

  1. Do not hack!
  2. Any racism or that kind of bullshit will not be tolerated. I will ban and remove the person and his friends if i find anything.

Griefing is allowed. Exploits will be judged by Kapten if allowed. Have fun and if try to be nice to everyone.